Welcome to Summer at HKIS 2021!

What is Summer Camp at HKIS?




自分で作って楽しむことができるスナック- はい、リーダー達にもお手伝いしてもらいます!



Summer Camp is always meant to be a fun, active event where students can become closer with their teachers while trying new things! And this year will be no different than that of our first Summer Camp way back in 2009 – so get ready for:

-New presents!

-Crafts that can be enjoyed anywhere!

-Snacks that we will need to create ourselves then enjoy – yes, leaders needed!

-And more!

Please click the link to learn more – and apply! Space needs to be limited to 18 students per day! Yes, you can invite your friends! 

HKIS is an International English School proudly based in Tokyo, Japan since 2009! See you soon!