Afternoon Class!

  • 3-6yrs

Students are divided into groups based on their age and level. Each year our students move up by 1 group based on their comprehension and progress.

Our Afternoon class offers an opportunity to increase your son or daughters comprehension of the 4 major areas of English development: reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. 

We provide energetic and progressive English classes, combining our daily theme into craft, park, circle, worksheet, presentation time and more – this really helps develop a strong understanding of the language and all the components associated with its comprehension. 

  • 6-11yrs

Our Afternoon Class program focuses on the evolution of the English language. We continue on with this progression and ensure their development at this age by introducing further problem solving exercises, student-to-student interaction, show and tell, special projects, paragraph building, sentence structure, grammar, punctuation and much more!

Mathematics, science, Japanese and Western history and culture, and our physical world also round out the subjects we focus on to make their experience with us as memorable and natural as possible.

Our curriculum remains fresh, with new challenges and special assignments being given to students all the time to really maximize their potential and interest in English.

During special activities, students also practise leadership initiatives! These include shopping days, explanation sessions and more. These types of activities help students feel responsible, it also brings a wonderful sense of pride and achievement.

During our many excursions throughout the year, students play a key role in assisting with activities and games as well.

Our goal at Hello Kids International School is to provide a structured, progressive as well as motivational and inspiring environment for our students to feel free and encouraged to try their best, we hope you can visit us to learn more about how we can help your son or daughter, from whatever level they may be starting with us at.

Please see our wonderful Facebook page to gain a better understanding of how our school in general works, and the types of games and activities we practice to help grow and develop our students’ overall English ability.

Additional information:

  • Students are also eligible for our yearly Victoria/Vancouver, Canada excursion which takes place each summer – a truly wonderful opportunity to practice their English in a natural setting, amongst many other new, Canadian friends of similar age.
  • Students are also eligible to take the Cambridge Starters exam held at Hello Kids International School, once a year. This exam, recognized around the world, is a wonderful opportunity to improve your son or daughters sense of goals, as well as their reading, listening and speaking abilities which are all covered in this one test. It truly gives a wonderful sense of achievement.

  Thank you