Kindergarten Class!

  • 4-6 years old

With a focus on total English, students learn mathematics, science, social studies, history, leadership skills and basic-through-advanced language skills (conversation, one-on-one interaction, problem solving, imagination use) within our fun, interactive based classroom environment!

The Kindergarten class curriculum has been created by Greg, our Principal, to take full advantage of an internationally recognized set of standards, ensuring each student can not only perform, but succeed in many types of environments and situations they will face, with confidence.

With limited space available, please stop by or call for more information to book your trial lesson and experience what a positive and well-rounded influence our Kindergarten class can mean for your son or daughter!

Thematic style

At Hello Kids International School, we make use of the thematic-style method of teaching, which maximizes each students potential and allows for greater fluency and understanding.