Saturday Class!

  • 3-6yrs

Starting early in the morning from 9am, this class offers a wonderful mix of listening and speaking skills combined with fun writing challenges and imaginative reading time. The major components associated with the English language.

Focusing on one theme at a time, students take on team-leadership roles each Saturday which allows them to maintain a feeling of continual improvement with their peers.

We split each group of students by-level which further helps us to enhance their English ability, create closer friendships with their classmates – and really allows us to have a lot of fun along the way!

  • 6-11yrs

This is a great opportunity for elementary students to maintain and further develop their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills on a technical as well as abstract level.

Each class is kept fresh, with new concepts being introduced and older concepts being reviewed on a weekly basis, over a period of time each student develops a noticeable level of improvement. Some of our students go on to take the Eiken test (the Eiken test is a level-based examination system that allows for English progress to be tracked and recorded on an accredited, recognized basis), others move to other English speaking countries and others still become more successful and talkative in their current English classes offered through the Elementary school system.

Most importantly, both of these classes are kept incredibly progressive, productive and challenging.

Additional information:

  • Students are also eligible for our yearly Victoria/Vancouver, Canada excursion which takes place each summer – a truly wonderful opportunity to practice their English in a natural setting, amongst many other new, Canadian friends of similar age.
  • Students are also eligible to take the Cambridge Starters exam held at Hello Kids International School, Tokyo campuses, once a year. This exam, recognized around the world, is a wonderful opportunity to improve your son or daughters sense of goals, as well as their reading, listening and speaking abilities which are all covered in this one test. It truly gives a wonderful sense of achievement.